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“The Christmas Revels; An Irish Celebration of the Winter Solstice”

I often find myself working on Christmas projects in the middle of summer.
This was a nice poster project I did for the Revels company in Boston for 

“The Christmas Revels; An Irish Celebration of the Winter Solstice” their Christmas Production this year. It’s set on the Carpathia amongst the Irish travelling to America. 

The review is pretty light hearted and full of songs and jokes, so it was nice for me to revisit the subject of emmigration that I tackled in a more serious way in When Jessie Came Across the Sea.

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  1. Jennifer Farley September 20, 2012

    Hi PJ

    Was very recently in New York and on the boat out to Ellis Island I was thinking about your book "Jesse" which is one of my favourites. This work on the Christmas Revels looks absolutely gorgeous too.


  2. PJ Lynch September 20, 2012

    Many thanks Jennifer. I'm delighted that you like "Jessie".
    Your work is great…I look forward to meeting you at some II events.

  3. Theo September 22, 2012


    My name is Theo. I posed for the picture you painted for the Christmas Revels and I wanted to tell you that I think you did a great job! My sister and I love your work and have several of your books.

  4. PJ Lynch September 25, 2012

    Hi Theo
    Thanks so much for your comment.
    I feel like I know you having stared at your photos so much. I do wish I had been able to do a photo session with you the way I usually do for projects like this…still I'm happy with the final piece and I'm delighted that you like it.
    Great that you and your sister have some of my books. "When Jessie Came across the Sea" has a subject very like the picture I did of you.
    Good luck with the Christmas Revels or should I say "Break a leg!?"
    best regards

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