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Progress on the mosaic for the Bascilica at the National Shrine at Knock

I have just returned from another trip to Spilimbergo in northern Italy to see how the work is going on the big mosaic that I have designed for the Bascilica at the National Shrine in the village of Knock, County Mayo. 
The image will show a representation of the Knock apparition of 1879. 
My design is being interpreted in mosaic by the exceptionally talented people at Travisanutto mosaics.
They are used to creating mosaics as large as this one, (It will measure more than 14 metres square) but I’m pretty sure this will be the largest ever mosaic in Ireland.

 Here are a few photos showing the artisans at work.
A sea of smalti. Viewing some of the larger areas that have been completed.

You can just see my painting in the background.

This shows how the little pieces of coloured glass (smalti) and marble combine like pixels on a screen to create an image

I can’t show too much of the mosaic in progress, but It was such a moving experience for me to see the wonderful work they are doing at Travisanutto that I have to share  a detail of one of the foreground figures.
It amazes me how the artisans (they insist on not being called artists) can create such wonderful effects with combinations of stone and glass.

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  1. Tom Sarmo August 6, 2015

    That's just plain fantastic. Can't wait for the finish–might have to cross the pond

  2. PJ August 6, 2015

    Many thanks Tom.

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